Friday, April 4, 2014

How to Revise Lightroom® Watermark Presets

Whenever I export an image, I usually want a slightly different version of my standard watermark. Typically I change the opacity, the position, or size depending on the particular image.

When I first started to use Lightroom® watermarks, I saved each edited preset and ended up with a mess of unnecessary presets cluttering up the list.

Here’s how to revise an existing watermark preset during the export process:

1. From the Library or Develop module, choose File, Export and then either select a preset from the list on the left, or complete the Export Location, File Naming, File Settings, and other settings as required.

2. In the Watermarking section, check Watermark: and then from the drop-down list, select the preset with the watermark you want to use.

3. From the same drop-down, at the bottom of the list choose Edit Watermarks….
The Watermark Editor appears, e.g.,

(In this example I am using a graphic, but you can revise text watermark presets the same way.)

4. Make whatever changes you need to for the Text Options and Watermark Effects.
For example, here I have changed the Anchor position and reduced the size, i.e.,

At this point, if you click Save, you are prompted for the name of a new preset.
(This is how I got in trouble and ended up with lots of duplicate watermark presets.)

5. Instead, click the drop-down beside the watermark title at the top-left, then at the bottom of the list choose Update preset “{preset name}” and click Done.

6. Back on the Export window click Export.

When you include a watermark preset in an export preset, for example the one I use for Photo of the Day posts, this little trick really can save a lot of time.

Happy Exporting!

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