Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 25 Photo of the Day: Newfoundland and Labrador

Northern gannet in flight © 2014 Peter Marble

By late May 2010 Southern Ontario was already sweltering in the low 30s. When we arrived in St. John's, the temperature was hovering below 10 degrees Celsius.

I spent the first day of Lesa's teaching gig on my own enjoying the sights and "dipsy-bobbling" around downtown, as they say in St. John's. That evening it was cold and we'd both had a long day, so didn't want to go far for dinner. As usual, I checked TripAdvisor and found that Get Stuffed was an easy walk. It was excellent — we went back again in 2012.

Saturday was the "Cape Shore run" with my good friend Darlene, who is not only an excellent photographer, but an intrepid walker, hiker and a wonderful tour guide. The ultimate destination was the Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve where I got this shot. However we made many more stops along the way down Route 100.

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